Has anyone ever run aross The One Armed Swordsman.It was around 1973 when I saw it./Begginingduel /Swordsman Fights a Split staff fighter, Swordsman loses,has to cut off arm, then returns for revenge!!!! When he cuts off arm he kicks it /throws his sword sticking  it to a dead tree!!!! Like many early Run Run Shaw,Had awsome sword and staff Kata.As welll as Buddha Fist.and Iron Palm

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yes i have that one it's called the NEW ONE ARM SWORDSMAN OR AKA TRIPLE IRONS
WoW!!! I can't believe it... I saw that at the Fox theater in Detroit in 1974!!! This Dude is an old Timer.I was thrilled just to see the Photo. Thanks Man! Now how can I see the Classic?
hey come to my page and go to view all my videos and you will see the trailer for it
Interesting, i have both movies. but triple iron, is not the same movie as the new one arm swordsman.
aka "New One-Armed Swordsman" - Hong Kong (English title) (original subtitled version)

aka "Triple Irons" - USA (dubbed version)
you are dude is the same movie

Lord Nameless said:
Interesting, i have both movies. but triple iron, is not the same movie as the new one arm swordsman.
It is on google movies along with a lot more 70's movies. I found the movie I was looking for there, it was 'The legend of the seven golden vampires'
I am not saying you are wrong, and i am not saying I am right, but what I will say is have a movie i picked up about 15 years ago, its a golden harvest film, I seen the same movie when i was about 9 years old and it was called Triple Iron, Its on VHS so i have no way of putting a clip on the site. however; martial art movies in the old days had a lot of aka names, its was marketing ploy to get people to come to see them by using a aggressive title.

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