I am looking for this movie for a while but can't still find it. any help is very appreciated. so I will tell how much I can remember from the movie because its been a while since I saw the movie.

There are these two Friends(maybe brothers) who live in a secret place. they get in conflict with a man who can kill with his three fingers( he is a blond man who wears read clothes), I also think that he has a man who works for him who has a mustache brown hair and (not sure about this) can kill with five fingers.

anyway. the nice dudes house gets burned, one of them dies, the other gets saved in a well. so he at the end beats the blonde dude that can kill with three fingers. the blond dude falls in some spears and dies. the end

(not sure about this)I think that the two nice dudes saved an old man and took him to their home.

I hope this is enough information. for helping me. thanks a lot  

I saw this movie when I lived in germany, so maybe it was in german TV

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